Man at Barbecue

The photographer was working on a set of portraits recording people having barbeques as part of his documentation of Orewa Beach camping ground in the mid 1980’s.

Photographer Clive Stone states, "I was aware of the way the smoke was blowing into this man’s face and was surprised that he stood for so long as I lined the shot up. I was working with his sinister looking shadow which seemed to be stalking him on the left of the frame, and the interrelationships of triangles formed by the legs of the BBQ, the swing ball, the shadows on the ground and the ropes holding up the canvas lean-to on the right."

Reading the Photograph - Guiding Questions

What does the visual information in the photograph tell the viewer about the man, and camping ground lifestyle of this period?

The photographer had trouble keeping his own shadow out of the picture. Why? What evidence can you find in the photo to support your answer?

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