Claire Duncan portfolio

Claire Duncan created this narrative image as part of a body of work which explores the breakdown of an intimate relationship between lovers. Initially photographed using black and white film, the resulting print was then scanned and reworked using Photoshop. The text offers the viewer an entry point into the young couple’s story.

Reading the Photograph - Guiding Questions

Where is this scene photographed?

What role does the mirror play for the woman? The man? And you, the viewer?

What role does lighting play in how you see the woman, and the man?

How does lighting influence the mood of the photograph?

Why did the photographer cascade the text down through the image? Why do you think the photographer used different font sizes, and irregular spacing and punctuation?

How does the composition of the image influence the way in which your eyes track through the visual information?

This photograph does not show much tonal detail. How does the 'raw' visual quality of the image enhance its meaning?

Learn how to place text into a digital photograph