This "negative" portrait is the result of several processes: a Polaroid image transfer was used for the background portrait. A Polaroid positive of the same image was cut into strips, one placed horizontally, and one placed vertically, masking the face. The resulting collage was scanned and reworked in Photoshop, inverting the colours.

Part of the boy’s face appears to be smooth, while another part appears to have a rough rock-like surface; the colours, too, are opposites: orange-brown and turquoise-green.

Reading the Photograph - Guiding Questions

How does "masking" the identity of the boy influence your reading of the image?

How important is colour to this image? Would it work as well if it were black and white? Why or why not?

This image has a "statuesque" quality. What factors contribute to this impression?

Most of the face appears flat - only the mouth and ears show some form. How does this affect your reading?

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