Susanna Collinson portfolio

Susanna Collinson created these photographs in 2007 as part of a larger body of photographic work in homage to her paternal grandmother whom she had never met. She photographed objects that belonged to her grandmother and rephotographed photographs of her grandmother as a young woman. One of her grandmother’s original photographs had written on the back of it: In case you have forgotten what I look like. Collinson appropriated these words which become a central theme for her project.

Reading these photographs - Guiding Questions

The photographer has used an installation approach influenced by French artist Anette Messager. Text made of woollen thread, and photographs of her grandmother’s childhood homeland are attached to the wall. A suitcase sits below, the thread tumbling down into it. What do you think these objects symbolise for the photographer? How does the image on the right extend the previous one?

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