Julie Anstiss, 1977

This woman was passionate about show dogs. The photographer, Clive Stone, used a wide angle 65mm lens on a Mamiya RB67 camera to record as much of the room as possible. He stood on a chair to get extra height; the camera was set on a tripod.

Stone states, "I wanted to emphasize the ribbons and prizes her dog had won. I was very much aware of the swirling pattern of the carpet and the knick-knacks on the shelves. It thought it ironic that there was an idealised ceramic model of a cat also apparently posing for the photo on the top shelf."

Reading this Photograph - Guiding Questions

This photograph is an example of an environmental portrait, where the photograph is taken in the subject’s usual environment, and typically informs us about the subject’s surroundings and life.

What can you learn about the woman from the environment in which she is photographed?

How does the camera viewpoint affect your reading of the image? Why did the photographer use a tripod to support the camera?

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