Cindy Jeon portfolio

During 2007, in her last year at high school, Cindy Jeon investigated the influences of her Korean cultural heritage on her life as a young woman now living in New Zealand. She used Photoshop to create layered photographs composed of image and text.

Reading the Photographs - Guiding Questions

How does the photographer show us the attributes she recogonises as being ‘ideal’ for a young Korean woman?

Both Korean and English text are placed over the subject’s face in several different ways. What do these various approaches communicate to the viewer?

What do you think the vases symbolise?

If you were to create a portrait reflecting gender expectations in your own culture, which words would you choose? What objects would you choose?

The photographer has used sequences of images to communicate her ideas. How have the sequences been developed throughout her practice?

Learn more about symbolism in visual arts

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