Ingrid Christiansen constructed this installation in 2007. It is comprised of portrait paintings on old window glass and found objects, and is part of her studio investigation of iconic twentieth century New Zealand painter, Rita Angus.

In her lifetime Rita Angus produced many self portrait paintings; this photographer references several of these, and reduces them to simple line studies layered one over the other.

The installation was photographed from several angles and camera-to-subject distances. Two light sources were used: strong directional light was shone onto the scene from an overhead projector, and a lightbulb was placed behind the central face.

Reading these Photographs - Guiding Questions

The bottom photograph shows two images of Rita Angus, yet only one of them is an actual painting. How was the other one created?

It also includes a black and white butterfly — what has caused one to be white, and the other black?

Give two reasons why the photographer needed to use a tripod when photographing these images.

Learn more about Rita Angus

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rita_Angus http://collections.tepapa.govt.nz/