Broken Promises

Broken Promises was shot by Clive Stone onto black and white 50 ISO film using a Mamiya 6x7 camera mounted on a tripod. The viewer looks down on the upper half of a broken ceramic McAlpine water jug, through a missing section into the container itself. The part of the jug closest to the viewer is in focus, while the handle appears only as a softened form.

Reading this Photograph - Guiding Questions

Do you know when the McAlpine jug was manufactured and what it was used for? How might the photograph of the jug symbolise "broken promises"? What object(s) would you use to depict "broken promises"?

The depth of field is very shallow. What factors might have contributed to this effect? How does the narrow band of focus influence the reading of the image?

The printed photograph is a 1000mm x 2000mm diptych, made up of two separate photographs placed together in the frame. Why do you think the photographer chose to present the work this way? Why has he printed the photograph to include the negative numbers on the edge of the film?

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