Red Tape, Can I Play, Too?

When the photographer's grandson was five years old, he was given a box of 100 rolls of red tape. Over the next five years he proceeded to design and construct a wide range of 'new toys', the red tape being an integral feature of each one.

Yon Ankersmit decided to photographically document these creations, and the series Red Tape - Can I Play Too? came into being. In this photograph a bright green plastic grasshopper is taped onto the outside of a stack of transparent Lego containers. It floats against a cloud-covered bright blue sky.

Reading the Photograph - Guiding Questions

The photographer did not use any digital image manipulation to create this image. How do you think she was able to compose this shot?

The photographer appropriated her grandson's toy, and recontextualised it. What do you think she intended to communicate?

How does the visual quality of the sky impact on your reading of the image? Had the sky appeared gray or stormy, would your reading of the image be different?

How is scale relevant to your interpretation of this image?

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