Yon Ankersmit

In 2003, learning how to use a flatbed scanner, Yon Ankersmit made an image of a 15cm tall kupie-style doll with a loose coil of copper wire placed on the screen above its head, and covered by a chart of the astronomical constellations. The image remained untouched for some time. Eventually while learning how to place text into an image using Photoshop the photographer created the image on the far left Have you ever looked up to the sky and made a wish? At one point when printing out an ink-jet print, she put the paper into the printer upside down, the inks on the resulting image did not adhere to the paper and bled into one another before eventually drying. Once dry, the print was scanned and the colours reworked in Photoshop, creating the image on the right Pass the Parcel. The image in the middle was an outcome of learning how to use the Photoshop layering tool.

Reading these Photographs - Guiding Questions

The same doll is represented 'photographically' in three distinctly different ways. How do you react to each image? Do you prefer one over the other? Why?

What might the doll, coiled wire, and the constellations symbolise in each image? Do you interpret them to have similar or different meanings? What is your overall reading of each image?

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