Gambler at Delphinus

This image, titled Gambler at Delphinus, was created using a flatbed scanner and then manipulated in Photoshop, the colours and colour saturation being adjusted to ultra-bright, garish hues. The subject matter includes a 'GAMBLER' gun, its hammer cocked, yet without a bullet chamber; a military ribbon without a medal; and an open, empty locket. These are suspended in front of a dark starry 'sky' which includes the constellation of Delphinus (Dolphin).

Reading the Photograph - Guiding Questions

This image is as much about what is not shown as it is about what is shown. Why do you think the photographer chose to record these 'incomplete' objects?

What might she be intending to communicate by placing them together in this composistion?

Does the title Gambler at Delphinus affect your interpretation of the image? How?

The picture itself has little spatial depth, while the 'sky' alludes to infinite distance? Why do you think the photographer chose to compose the image in this way?

How do the colours influence your reading of the photograph? How do you respond to them?

In some of the oldest indigenous healing traditions the dolphin is a shamanic symbol for the breath of life, love, balance and community. How might this information extend the meaning of the photograph?

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